Keep privacy, delete all garbage files

WinBrush is a handy and easy-to-use tool that keeps your privacy and makes your system clean. It works by cleaning up your tracks or evidence (document history, temporary internet files, etc), also removing all garbage files such as application temporary files, unneeded log or backup files, and many more. All can be done while you are working on Windows or surfing the Internet.




Remove and prevent cookie left by spyware.


Clean up your tracks while you are working on Windows or surfing the Internet.


Search and destroy space-wasting garbage files.


Recover and maximize hard drive space.


Secure your personal documents from prying eyes.

WinBrush also behaves like a firewall for cookies. Just run the program, which resides on your system tray (on the lower right of your screen), and it will track all the cookies that come into your system. Then, periodically just go into the 'Add/Remove Cookies' menu, browse through the new cookies in your system, and select which ones should go as well as which ones can stay - it's that simple!

There are more than 50 plug-in files available to download for free as a bonus. These plug-ins support most popular Windows applications, such as Winzip, Winamp, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc. Using these plug-ins you can clean these popular application's log files, recent files, mru data, etc.

Why do you need WinBrush?


Over time hard drive can be a messy place, clogged with unnecessary or unwanted files. These take up valuable space, cause application problems and slow down their PC quite considerably.


Many programs leave temporary files on the drives after their use. That's why the Operating System grows a lot, and the space available on drive decreases. Most of the files left by applications, which slow up computers, can be deleted safely if they aren't used anymore.


Many people do not realize that Microsoft Windows and its applications such as Internet Explorer or Media Player, as well as popular software such as Winzip, Winamp, Adobe Acrobat Reader store information about what they have been doing on their computer systems. What documents they have just read, which pictures they have viewed, what movies they have seen, or which web sites they have visited. Anyone (he/she could be your boss, colleagues or relatives) can simply access your PC and see exactly what you have been doing on your computer.


Most people who are on the net these days are probably familiar with what a cookie is - it's basically a small piece of information related to you that a website stores on your computer. This in and of itself is nothing bad, the vast majority of the websites out there use this simply to track the last time you visited, or your login information so you don't need to login again and again.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that try to cross-reference sites that you go to, to help build customer profiles so they can target advertising at you, provide clients with buying patterns, and a whole lot more. Some ad companies used Web bugs that could communicate with cookies from its Web site. The cookies then revealed past online behavior, even home addresses, IP addresses, and phone numbers to the bugs, and the bugs sent that information straight back to their computer. A company can also use the bugs to tie cookie histories to personal identifying information, such as your phone number and address. In fact, a California woman sued an online ad company for that behavior.






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