Memonster and Winboost are excelent for Windows Me.
(Sandy Stephenson, CA) 


A must if you are running Windows ME
(Gian Petrignani,  MS)


MemMonster  improves the overall performance of your PC. This attractive, easy-to-use utility automatically reclaims real memory from the
system tray according to parameters that you establish...
(ZD Net)


MemMonster is a quick and easy utility for addressing memory management within Windows. It can help to prevent such occurrences as program freezes, system delays and general performance problems... (VNUnet - UK)


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Increase available computer memory ( sdram, ddr, edo, rdram )up to 300%


Make your computer to work more efficiently


Make your computer much more stable


Performance-tunes your file caching: optimize disk file cache for standard user or power user,  multimedia and 3D games, enable conservative swap file usage.

Why do I need MemMonster and how it works?

The main reason of most computer problems is: Low Memory and Windows resources. Memory is most crucial in computer speed and stability. Unfortunately, there are problems with memory management in Windows.

Many of today's shareware/freeware are poor written applications that leave some amount of memory allocated, even if it is not needed any more.  Unfortunately, memory management in Windows cannot detect these errors.

Another problem, many programmers use large libraries (DLLs) only to make their programs look nice. They never thought that some of these libraries are very large and consume a notable amount of memory, even if the program doesn't really need it. This will make your computer sluggish or unstable, you have to restart Windows frequently due to crashes and lock ups.

MemMonster works to make your Windows does some memory trash collection, unloads any unnecessary dlls, and moves current applications out to the swap file.


What benefits can I get if I use MemMonster?

MemMonster is the fastest memory manager which enables your computer to work more efficiently. MemMonster makes your computer much more stable by discovering applications that can cause crashes, lockups, slowdowns of your computer.

MemMonster will manage your computer memory and resources so that you will forget about Windows crashes and fatal error messages.    __

MemMonster uses a new sophisticated algorithm which allows fast memory optimization and full recovery. MemMonster will enable your computer to respond fast even in memory overload conditions.

So, you will not have any more troubles working with memory consuming multimedia and Internet applications. MemMonster will significantly reduce the number of Windows crashes.

MemMonster will do all the job while it works quietly in the background or you can explore facilities of Memory Monitor, Memory Tuning, and Task Manager to detect and terminate programs that cause memory and resources leaks. No matter how much memory you have on your computer, MemMonster will definitely help your computer work faster.

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MemMonster Development Team

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