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What they say about WinBoost:


I hate paying for software but you guys make a damn fine product.

(Wade Christensen, Utah)

Winboost is the best product I have seen for modifying the settings for Windows 95.

 (James G Brewer, Ohio)


Absolutely outstanding program... Saved my hard-drive after I used another to screw up my registry
(Gary B Ellington, VA)



(Steve Reeder, CA)


This Product is Great! Seems to cover all the tweaks there are!

(Jesse W. Lathrop, CA)


An amazing software! Please register me quickly!

(Ven. Norbu Repa, France)


Winboost rocks!! 

(Mauro Cazabonnet, NY)


A very nice product well worth the investment.

(Kenneth D. Goonan, NH)

Very nice program. Lots of good features included!

(Scott Devlin, OR)

Judging how WinBoost 98 eased my control of Windows 98; 2000 Gold ought to be a winner!

(David Wiles, South Africa)

This program must be the ultimate tweaker!!!
(Jesse Lathrop, CA)

You guys are cool!!!!! I love your winboost software

(Devin Brett Glass, CA)

This seems like a worthy successor to TweakUI. I like it
(Jeffrey W. Steele, CA)

Awesome Program! Solved a lot of problems we were having.

(Christopher M. White, NH)


WOW JUST WHAT I NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Paul Ortega, TX)

Just the 'tips' information is worth it
(Michael Burns. NV)

A Interesting 'Twist' on TweakUI for Win95
(John A. Snell, NY)

Exceptional utility! A 'must' for Win95/98!
(Brian Battles, CT)


Impressive product; very useful personally.
(Daniel Ermel, Canada)

WinBoost98 makes TweakUI into WeakUI. Great Product!!
(Charles Varner, MD)


Like to tweak Windows? WinBoost makes it easy. You can fiddle with hundreds of Windows 98/95 hidden settings--things you wouldn't normally even know about.

 (Steve Bass, Steve's Favorite Utilities - PC World)


WinBoost 2001 is an attractive shell management tool that supplies visual and textual help when you click on selections. WinBoost 2001's Tips & Tricks provide one-stop access to handy Windows productivity advice.

 (Barry Brenesal, WinMag.Com online successor to WINDOWS Magazine)

OK, you know all those other Tweakie programs I just told you about? Well, forget 'em. Download WinBoost. It does almost everything the other tweaks do combined in a simple, check-the-boxes listing. Personally, I hate the way menus pop out anxiously every time the pointer moves anywhere near them. In sections divided neatly for the Start menu, desktop, Internet, and other areas of Windows interface, you find scores of one-click settings that make Windows and Internet Explorer look better or run faster. But what really makes WinBoost a utility to love are the pop-up tip boxes that explain why you would or wouldn't want to change each setting...

(Ron White at PC Computing)

For the ultimate in fine-tuning Windows 98, check out Magellass Corp.'s WinBoost. It goes far beyond both TweakUI and Solutions for Windows 98 in its range of useful options.

(David English at Computer Shopper)

WinBoost gives you access to all the settings in a easy to use interface and without the risk of ruining your system. (Windows Magazine)

The enormous range of tricks the authors of WinBoost have found to tweak Win 98 is too great to summarize.

(Brian Livingston, Author of Windows 98 Secrets, InfoWorld)

WinBoost 2000 better than MS TweakUI.

(Joel M. Blackman - www.epinions.com)

WinBoost 2000 builds upon the concepts in Tweak UI, providing an easy-to-use interface that yields access to hundreds of Win95/98 cosmetic changes and performance tweaks. Use it to modify Windows boot options, change system icons, and heavily customize Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Especially impressive is the customization menu that lists more than 200 tips and tricks you can use to control Windows' behavior.

(Lenny Bailes, Maximum PC)


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